Pick up and drop off instructions

Students should enter through the front door. When getting dropped off please pull over to the side of the road so other cars can still pass. Always pull up far away from the corner of Glen Cove Road so cars can still turn off the main road.

Waiting in parking spots in the front and back of the building are the preference. If you are going to wait on the side street (Sherrard), you must pull forward and over to the right so other cars can still safely pass.

Always stay alert and look both ways before crossing the street or passing between cars.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify us as soon as you know that you will not be attending the class you registered for. This is so that someone else can take your place. There are no refunds available. If you cancel the day before, we will transfer your payment to your next registered session. Failure to notify us regarding cancellation (no show) will not be transferable or refundable.

What to bring

Always remember to bring your Roslyn Tutoring folder (each subject is a different color). Please bring any questions you may have. Teachers are always prepared with material to cover should you not have anything to ask about.


Earth Science $60
Living Environment $70
Living Environment Honors $75


Any student who is a distraction to others cannot be a part of the groups. We are busy every moment of the class, learning the concepts and practicing questions. Students are expected to cooperate with this serious tone in mind.


Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. I always want to know how your child is feeling about the classes and the teachers so please let me know:)